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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ain't We Lucky We Got 'Em, Good Times

It’s always an honor to see one of your friends get the recognition they deserve. Today, William of Poop and Boogies received what has been a long time coming. Dr. Phil mentioned his blog on his website.

William has been blogging funnies about his own childhood as well as rearing his sons, all the while admitting his lovely bride, Lauren is always right. Not a lot of husbands will admit such a things, let alone blog about it for the entire world wide web to witness.

William is a more consistent blogger then many of us. His sons give him a wealth of material as do the voices in his own head. He is a very funny guy, when he isn’t being outwitted by the boys and his wife.

Congratulations William!!! I’m crazy happy for you!

Enough about William, let’s talk about me for a while, shall we?

Okay, truth is, I’m not very interesting on my own either. You add my kids and old man to the mix and it feels like a padded room should be waiting in the wings.

The other day, Lane 2 and Addison (Lane 1’s friend who now lives with us) forgot their school books. I could still see the taillights of Lane 1’s car as I tried waving him back with the books in my hand. They didn’t see me.

I put on my shoes and a baseball cap and rushed over to the high school. As I was getting out of the car I realized I looked like a carnie, or a lesbo without a Leatherman, or Britney Spears during her dating Kevin Federline days… I was a hot mess.

They already entered the building, so I had no choice but to go in… as is. Those poor kids. They never said a word but I know they were embarrassed because the bell hadn’t rang yet and the entire student body sat in the lobby area.

It was like a Meow Mix commercial. All heads turned to the door as I walked in. Various kids began calling out, “Hey, Lane, there's your Ma.”

“Hi Lane's Mom!”

“Hey Mrs. Lane!!”

“Hi Mrs. Lane 2's Mommy!”

I sheepishly waved at the large group, noticing my son was hiding behind a pillar, trying not to peek out or be seen by me.

Lane 2 was so happy I brought her homework to her that she just said thank you and smiled.

Addison…oh poor baby. He probably isn’t used to the kind of torture a carnie-looking mom can bestow. He may have blushed as he said, “Thank you, Mrs. Lane.”

The reason they left their things behind is because they were running late. And here’s why…

Addison was going for a Let’s Get Physical look with his snazzy headband.

Lane 2 was going for the, emo punk rockin’ out look.

And then there’s Lane 1...he wanted to “look smart” and bought some fake glasses at a thrift store, along with the sweater. He thought he looked spiffy and Clark Kent-ish. I thought he just looked like a douche bag. And he has the nerve to be embarrassed by me. Whatever!

If you aren’t following me on Twitter or on Facebook, you are missing a lot of fun stuff. I’m only slightly addicted, which is why I’ve been such a bad blogger lately.

Here’s one of the recent gems, you may have missed out on… at dinner a couple of nights ago, Lane 1 said to Lane 2 who had spaghetti sauce splashed on her cheek from slurping noodles, “It looks like you did a cartwheel and your tampon string smacked you in the face.”

Classic Lane humor! Have a great weekend!