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Friday, April 08, 2005

Dance Hall Days

"Tonight's the night we'll make history, honey you and I." And so, "our song" was born.

"Lois. Wanna dance?" he asked looking at his frigidity hands.
I looked at my girlfriends, giggled, looked at him, then my shoes, twisted my hair around my finger, and said, "Sure."

We walked side-by-side onto the empty dance floor. Both of us looked at our feet as we tried to decide where our hands were supposed to be. We settled with my hands on his shoulders and his on my hips. He was eyelevel with my boobs which took the focus off of his feet.

Side-to-side we rocked, like two dyslexic Rainmen. The best of times, definitely, the best of times. Styx definitely rocks, definitely.

I felt less nervous as our classmates slowly made their way to the dance floor and the beat of the song began to speed up. I stared at the top of his head through most of that dance. He had nice hair. I'd never realized how short he was before that moment. I guess in seventh grade most of the girls were taller than the boys.

The aroma of Pierre Cardin and Dep Gel, the song The Best Of Times by Styx, seeing the top of a someone's short black hair and side-to-side dancing will always remind me of my first school sponsored dance.

Those were the days, the original Dance Hall days love.

(Happy weekend everyone! I'll return Monday with a story about Lane 1's first school-sponsored dance, which inspired this post. In the meantime, check out the links in my sidebar. There's lots of new ones.)