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Friday, May 27, 2005

Baby We I Were Was Born To Run Blog

In a 1959 Superman comic book, Lois Lane was held captive by a guy, a tribesman, named Blog. Lois was told "marry me or die." I call that fate folks. Internet history tells me this was the first time the word blog ever was mentioned. Thirteen years before my birth, my true love was planned. Who'da thunk it?

After being out of commission as far as blogging goes last week, I felt it imperative to analyze my addiction. Did I miss it? You ask. Does a redneck loves them some NASCAR? Shoot! You bet they do! Blogging is like my crack. (Not that crack!) Not having internet access and being unable to blog, made me go into mini fits of withdraw. I paced, chewed my lip, tapped my fingernails until they all broke, kept looking out the window for a Comcast truck, cussed, called Comcast, cussed some more, cleaned stuff, paced some more and I think I might have cussed and called Comcast again.

Today marks the end of the school year. That means that Lane 1 and Lane 2 will be home fulltime. That also means blog time will be cut really short. Since I wasn't blogging this time last year, I don't really know how summer vacation will effect this here blog. Knowing how strong my addiction is, chances are, I'll find a way.

I set up a Flickr account but because this blog has all the makings of a cluster fuck, I haven't and don't plan to add it to my sidebar just yet. If you have a Flickr account and want to add me as a contact or if you just want to look at the pictures I have posted on mine, (not very many) let me know.

I expect pictures might be the main focal point for my blog this summer, since writing time will be cut short. (Why is it that I can hear my mother bitching and she isn't even here? Hey Mom, chill, I got your grandkids to take care of ya know, and a stinkin' book to finish.)

Maybe I will do some caption contests on days that I don't have time to write. No, there won't be any real prizes but the winners can walk away feeling like... well, winners.

Maybe Mom's saggy baggy boobs will show up on the net after all. Don't tempt fate woman!


It's birthday time again folks! Please take a minute to stop by E-Prego's, I mean, E-Lo's and wish her the best birthday ever. It's her last birthday bash before she enters the world of motherhood. Happy birthday E-Lo, enjoy!