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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Everybody's Fool

What have you learned from this blog?

Everything is supposed to be an educational experience. We are constantly learning new things. What I've learned recently is that I've spilled all sorts of personal insanity here. I thought I knew what I was doing. Like anything else, at the time, it did seem like a good idea.

I am fortunate to already have a husband because I doubt the information here would have helped me find one. In fact, I reckon had I not found Mr. Lane before I started my blog, I may have never known the pleasures of having a family.

Here's a list of less flattering things I've shared:

I have accident prone tendencies
I make fun of people who sing lyrics incorrectly
I'm a cat lady
I have rodents in my home
I wear men's jeans
I start fires
I shout at children
And I think everyone's favorite thing about me: I pee my pants

Can you imagine what dating life would be like for me if I were single? Keep in mind folks, these are just the things I've shared over the last couple of weeks. There's plenty more disgusting things about me in this blog's archives.

I guess this is sort of a warning to my single blog friends. No matter how much you think your blog is your own, to say and do as you please, it still has ramifications.

Sure there might be three or four Cambodian refugees who wouldn't mind dating me but I'm glad I reeled Mr. Lane in before he learned of all the things I've shared with you fine folks here at Home Fires.

Does this mean I am not sharing anymore tales of my personal embarrassment? Hell no! I already landed me a sucka! Tomorrow I might just tell you all about my lopsided boobies.

In the meantime, visit Katey, remember the birthday girl from last week? Yeah, well paybacks are a bitch and so is she. Can you believe she posted a picture of me breast feeding Aimee on her blog? Ahhh, just one more thing to add to the list.