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Monday, November 21, 2005

New Beginnings

My heart goes out to my friend Gene. His wife, Betty passed away Friday. Please take a moment to let him know we are all thinking about him.

Great news people! I am one of Comcast's most valued customers. It's true! I got a letter from them a couple of days ago and it said so. They now offer digital phone service in my area. They probably set that up just for me because I am such a valued customer. Being out in the boonies, I am likely their only customer, but valued nonetheless.

You all know that I don't bash companies without just cause, right? Well after six months of on again off again service, Comcast earned its place on my shit list. I have no doubt one day it will be a great company with great products and great service. They have a lot of bugs to work out of their system before that will happen.

So I was reading the letter and thinking. I have TV through them and without them I have no reception whatsoever. I also have internet through them. When one thing goes wrong with Comcast, I can't watch TV or surf the net.

What if I said, "Sure, sign me up for that digital phone service y'all got going on in my neck of the woods."

I'll tell you what. I'd have no phone, no TV and no internet every time the wind blew. Fuck a whole lotta that. I can't allow one company to be in charge of every single source of my entertainment. I think I need to send Comcast a letter and let them know I'm not as valued or stupid as they thought.

The old man finally made it back home. After the lousy month he's had, he's decided to fold up his trucking business. He is thinking of going back to farming. In the meantime, this Limboland is pretty nerve-wracking.

Beginning a driving business when fuel prices were at an all time high, probably wasn't the best idea he has ever had. Then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So without any financial gain whatsoever, he is considering the old standby, and I was thinking about blowing off the book idea and my freelance work, and getting a regular 9 to 5.

Not knowing what lies ahead is scary and exciting. Wish us well as we begin this new chapter, whatever it may hold.