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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who Knew There Would Be Another Part To The Saga?

Since a couple of you suggested I call a lawyer, I thought I’d let you know, I did think about it a lot, way too much, probably. Canadiangirl, thanks for being triple pissed for me and offering advice. There are 100 reasons to seek custody of my nephew. There are 1,000 to not. When I weighed these things in my head I knew what to do.

If you take into account how much that little boy makes me laugh with his quick wit, if you could see love oozing out of his pours when he just talks about his daddy, if you realize that someone must be raising him right to attain those fabulous qualities he has, you know what should be done.

Does that mean his father acted less than an asshole? No. But in the end, you have to think about how the child is treated by said asshole.

I’ve complained before here on this blog about my impeccable timing and how it gets me in a whole heap of shit. This time, it was a good thing, which I’ll get too in a minute.

As Janet (AKA Jacny, Aka Paris is a Ho, AKA ect…) eluded to, I have to keep my enemies close, which is why I was as kind to him as I was. Most of my family was done with Dino-Mike’s dad as soon as he and my sister broke up years before her death. I’ve been the go-between for our family so Dino-Mike knows this side of his family and never forgets his mommy.

Don’t think for one second I didn’t want to smack that guy the fuck out, because I did. The older I get the more patience I have, I guess.

A really good thing in the midst of this bad situation took place yesterday. I was snooping around on the internet. I checked out blogs and MySpace to find out if Dino-Mike’s sister had a webpage, and by golly she does, with a blog. My investigative reporting skills came in handy this time. I was mainly looking for information to find out if I am ever going to see my nephew again. Keep in mind, all that crap happened a week ago, and here I am still thinking insanely about it. The thought has been consuming me to be perfectly honest. It’s oddly coincidental that I posted the last part yesterday and came across this information the same day.

I found her MySpace and saw the little girl I used to know, was long gone. She has turned to drugs and alcohol. She parties with men and women much older than she is. They enable her and from what I can gather, use her for sex.

It was a sad realization for me that good kids can turn that bad. In her own writings I could feel her pain. She beats around the bush but is saying she doesn’t even like the person she has become. I also read that her mother kicked her out of the house. I’m sure she had her reasons, which of course the kid didn’t bother to mention. In her writings she was asking for someone, anyone, to offer her a place to stay.

She had a handful of comments from some older men. My internal mother-alert-system started beeping inside. I looked at my cell phone and realized I never deleted her number. I called. I told her that I read her blog and was worried about her. She sounded shocked. I told her I searched for her because I was worried. I knew something wasn’t right when she blew off her brother and that bad feeling just hasn’t gone away all week. She apologized and started making excuses for not being there to pick up her brother. I told her I wasn’t mad anymore and if it ever happens again to just call. I offered her a place to stay and said it wasn’t safe to ask strangers on the internet to be roommates. She sounded like she really appreciated the offer.

After we kibitzed for a few more minutes, she said her dad wanted to talk to me. I had no idea she was with him. He was wondering why I was calling his daughter, who is of no relation to me. He didn’t have that dickish sound but was just really curious. So I told him that I’ve been worried about her and just wanted to make sure she was okay. I told him that I found her blog online and read her mother kicked her out, so I wanted to let her know if she needed a place to stay, she has one here. I thought that guy was going to cry. He was so thankful that I took the time to call his daughter and show genuine concern for her safety.

Even thought I wasn’t calling her to get in good with her father, that’s what happened. I’m much less worried about not having my nephew here next summer than I was yesterday.

I asked to talk to his daughter again. She got back on the phone and told me that her father was taking her to rehab. She’ll be there for a week, at least. She didn’t sound angry or sad about the situation. I’d guess it was embarrassment I was hearing in her tone. I suggested this could be the best thing to happen to her before life takes a dangerous turn. And then I said I was proud of her for taking this step in her own recovery. I also let her know my door is always open. She thanked me and then we got off of the phone.

That was more good news. I’m certainly not a detox center and all I could really offer her was a place to sleep and food to eat. Their dad taking her to a clinic to dry out was more proof for me that he is a good dad. As good as he knows how to be.