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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


That was rude of me. Yesterday, I didn’t let you know that Dino-Mike did survive the collision with the pole. Sure he had one heck of a lump, and the corner of his eye was looking purple, but once the ice was on, the swelling went down quickly.

It was the first time he ever got hurt on my watch. I felt terrible and I was taken aback when he cried for his mommy. She’s been gone three years, so it really was unexpected. I guess kids always want their mom when they get hurt no matter the circumstances.

Following our little accident at the park, Dino-Mike wanted to come home to play video games. I explained that he needed to hold ice on his head for a little while longer to help take the swelling down, and he said, “Auntie Lois, can’t you just tape it to my head?”

I guess he hit harder than I thought if he expected tape would hold ice onto him. I took an elastic headband and wrapped it around his head to hold the ice on so he could play. He looked ridiculous and I should have taken a picture for you guys to see. In the end, he is fine, the swelling has gone down completely, and the bruising is minimal.

As I left the park that day, besides wanting to tell Mango Joe to get bent, I wanted to tell the other guys that “16 will get ya 20,” as they continued to gawk at the young firm babysitter, but I had a broken kid to take care of.

And now for something completely unrelated… Josh Wolf, another funny friend of mine has made it to the voting stage of The Last Comic Standing. If you watch the clip and like what you see, and want to see more of him on the show, please take another minute to put in your vote. Josh is the second to last on the list to your right on the page. Listen to all and make a fair vote. But just know he is Lois Lane’s top pick for the Last Comic Standing.