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Monday, November 06, 2006


Anyone know where the hell I packed that camera? Pictures of the new house will come soon. Better and longer blog posts also will come as soon as I get an official writing area set up for myself. Trust me, this little setup I have today is not good for the creative mind or my back.

Anyhow, the kids seem to be adapting pretty well. One of Lane 2’s best friends moved to this town a few months ago and has made a huge effort to take her around and introduce her to some people. Mojo Jojo, has become an addition to our family. She is here a lot. At least she is a good kid, which keeps me from losing my mind. We had some doozies at the old place who hung out for days and weeks at a time.

The only things my girl doesn’t like about her school are it’s too big and they change classes nine times every day, which is a big change from her former class of 12 students together all day in the same room. I think she just needs more time for adjustment there.

The boy had a handful of kids stop by the other day. One was a girl, a twinkly-eyed girl. She smiled a lot at my son. That made me throw up a little.

There is a teen center here and they have dances every other weekend. Friday night the kids and I stopped in to check things out. Before long, the boy was playing pool with some other boys. And my girl was running away from a boy who was asking her to dance. And I became an official chaperone. A good time was had by all, except of course the boy whose heart was smashed to smithereens by my daughter. Here’s hoping he won’t be the last.