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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Kooks, Down To The Market

It was a whirlwind having so many visitors after Rosie O’Donnell posted the link to Home Fires on her blog. In five years, there’s never been over 500 visitors in one day here. Looking at my crazy cat lady post, I wondered if it was a good enough first-impression to get new people to come back.

Then on Rosie Radio yesterday, she too talked about her own animal magnetism with her guest Sonya Fitzpatrick. Sonya is an animal communicator with a radio call-in show, where she helps her listeners get into their pets (past and present) heads. I realized, I wasn’t alone in all of my kooky killer kat konnections.

So if you happen to be one of those new visitors who read my last post and thought I was insane. Congratulations! You were right, but at least I’m not alone.

The prize I won arrived. There were a bunch of Rosie Radio stickers, a magnet, a trinket box, a T-shirt from Pop That Zit dot gag com, Rachel Ray dishtowel oven mitt combos, a whisk and a set of rubber spatulas. My favorite thing was a small book, “u r an artist” that has prints of various collages Rosie made with news clips, photos and paintings. It’s like a scrapbook into her soul, full of life, emotions and talents.

Thank you, Rosie!

I took a second job at a gas station/mini mart this week in an attempt to recoup from our summer of suck at La Love Shack De Lane. (It sucks so bad but that’s a story for another day.)

Day one, I made a rookie mistake. This guy walked up to the counter holding a package of hot dog buns. He raised them up to show me and said, “Just this.”

I reached my hand out so I could scan the barcode. He didn’t get the hint. So I said, “Can I have that for a second?” Because saying, “I haven’t memorized the price of every single item yet, asshole.” is just rude.

Confused, he said, “What?”

Annoyed on the inside, game face on the outside, I smiled and said, “I have to checkout your buns….(silence) I mean, I need to scan your buns…shit! I mean, give me that package, please.”

Lucky for me the guy had his head so far up his own ass he had no idea what just happened.