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Friday, January 28, 2005

Superb Succulent Skullet,

(Background information can be found below "Tough Love Taught Through Generations" comments section if you are wondering what this is about.)

My life is now fulfilled. Your comments had my heart aflutter. Maybe people won’t understand what you and I have but for the next few lines of text, I will try my best to define my undying love for you and all of your glory that is Skullet Biker Dude.

DISCLAIMER: This is not for the squeamish, young, old or anyone with a heart condition. Consider yourselves warned.

There is something in the way he smiles
He rides his bike for several miles
Upon my doorstep is where he lands
Upon my breasts are his two hands
He feels my heart begin to race
With the tip of my finger I begin to trace
The outline of his sexy skullet
Makes me want to just say fuck-it
Tearing my clothes off one by one
For a bareback ride off in the sun
He takes me to a higher ground
Where all of his sexiness is abound
I love the flesh that tops his head
I begin to ravage him in bed
I twist my fingers 'round his locks
I get so hot thinking about his socks
How I long to feel his pedal power
To pump me hard for at least an hour
We enjoyed a little slappin' asses
We got so hot and steamed up his glasses
It felt just like a good bike ride should
Satisfied us both as we knew it would
We were very safe and used protection
To keep his other skullet safe from infection
Now you all know the story of my sexy biker dude
Just looking at his picture puts me back in the mood

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Just look at that perfect body! He is soooo dreamy!

Oh, his socks, I love his socks! Someone hold me back!

Skullet: Pronounced "SKUHL LET"
A hairstyle in which the top is bald, but the back is long, left wild and often uncut. Even when the back is cut, it is still longer than the skull top. It is the sign of the sexy biker dude.