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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Kindergarten Krush: Take Two

First time here? Scroll down for part one. See slight update below.

The whole time we were outside, I watched John Anthony from the corner of my eye, I could feel a twinge of nervousness when his hand came near his pocket. In my mind I said, "You're cold. You need to warm your hands. Stick 'em in your pockets!"

Trying to mentally will him to do so didn't work. Recess came and went. "Who doesn't put their hands in their pockets at least once during February in Chicago?!"

It was time to line up before going back into the school. Our teacher was cool. She always lined us up in two lines, one for the boys and one for the girls. And when we were unruly in the hallway, we had to hold hands with the boy next to us. Since the first day of school, I wanted to be side-by-side with that cute boy but my timing was off.

This day was different. I was on a mission. I butted into line. I got a dirty look from some stupid girl so I turned my head fast and whacked her in the face with my ponytail. I smiled at that cute freckle faced baby doll. He didn't smile back.

It seemed like the walk to class was much shorter than ever before. Time was flying by and I needed to make a move, and quick! I accidentally brushed my hand against his. He pulled his arm away like I electrocuted him. That was not the response I was looking for so when he wasn't looking, I tripped him by stomping his shoelace. When he fell, I reached down to help him up, he took my hand and my heart did a summersault inside of my chest. The whole class was laughing at him, again, that was not really the response I was looking for but it did make the teacher angry, which meant we had to hold hands.

Oh yes, hold hands we did. But there was something not cool. My hand was all sweaty and I thought he'd think I was gross. Or maybe it was his hand that was all sweaty and gross. We didn't interlock fingers like I really wanted to but we were touching and for that short moment of my life, everything was wonderful, sweaty hands included.

I thought maybe I should push our hands against his coat pocket so he could feel the candy gram inside but he was walking all soldiery with stiff arms. As we were approaching our classroom, he broke our grip and then wiped my sweatiness right off of his hand onto his pants. I did the same thing so he wouldn't think I liked his sweat on me either.

In the coat room, I had my eye on his pocket. More than anything I wanted that candy gram to jump out at him. Of course it didn't so I had to wait until the end of the day.

When it was time to get ready to leave for the day, I raced to the coat room and tried to pull the candy gram's heart-shaped note just far enough out of his pocket so he would be sure to notice. He walked in just as I was finished. I smiled and batted my eyelashes at him but he gave me a look, kind of like the one the girl who I whacked in the face with my ponytail did.

When we got outside, I couldn't watch him anymore. My bus arrived and I was bummed.

Stay tuned for part three soon. Sorry I couldn't get to this Saturday like I planned. My dad is in the hospital and I am staying with my mom, who happens to hog the internet. ;)