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Monday, February 07, 2005

Kindergarten Krush: Three Times The Charm, Or Is It?

First time here? Scroll down for part one and two.

I was pretty sure something was wrong with that boy. I mean, how could he not notice a red construction paper heart sticking out of his pocket?

It seemed to take forever for the next day to arrive. I was so nervous I hardly slept that night. My mother and father knew something was wrong with me when I showed excitement about going to school. They pried until I spilled my guts.

ME: "You know how you give me milk money everyday?"
MOM: "Yes."
ME: "Well I saved the money for a few days so I could buy a candy gram."
DAD: "What's a candy gram?"
ME: "It's a baggie of candy with a valentine that you give to your secret admirer."
MOM: "Who are you going to give yours to?"
ME: "I already gave it to someone."
DAD: "Who?"
ME: "A boy." I said all bashful.
THEM: "A boy?!"
ME: "John Anthony."
DAD: "Is this the boy you like?"
MOM: "There is no dating until you are 16. You know that right?"
ME: "I don't want to date him. I want to hold his hand and make him smile at me. He never smiles at me."
DAD: "What the hell's wrong with that boy? Why wouldn't he smile at you?"
ME: "I don't know. But a candy gram will make him smile."
MOM: "I thought you said you already gave it to him. Didn't he smile?"
ME: "He kinda doesn't know I gave it to him. I snuck it in his pocket."
DAD: "Well don't worry sweetheart. That boy will smile at you. How could he not?"
MOM: "Go finish getting ready for school."
ME: "Okay."

I skipped into the bathroom to brush my teeth and I could hear my dad talking to my mom. He was very upset that John Anthony never smiled at me. I didn't understand why he was so angry until I had my own daughter.

I was running out the door to catch my school bus when my dad told me he would drive me to school. My sister Angie was excited because she hated taking the bus.

"Sorry Ang, you're taking the bus. I have to... talk to Lois' teacher."

I didn't know at the time he was lying. I became very nervous at the thought of going to school with my dad. I hoped he wouldn't talk to my teacher and tell her about my crush. I thought I would throw up as we pulled into the parking lot of St. Whack 'Em On The Knuckles.

The parking lot faced the playground where all of the kids were running around having a good time.

"Lois, point the boy out to me."
"What boy Daddy?"
"That John whatever his name is."
"John Anthony?"
GULP... SWEAT... TEARS... "Um... why?"

My heart was racing a mile a minute. I was so worried that my dad was going to tell him that I liked him and wanted him to hold my hand that I hid my head inside of my coat.

"Daddy, he's over there." I said and pointed without looking.
"Which one? Is he the blonde tall one?"
"Ewww! No! That's Michael Powells! He's the cute brown haired one with curlies."
"That shrimpy guy?"
"It's not nice to make fun of people Dad!"
"I know that but it's not nice to not smile at someone who is smiling at you. That's called rude. And I think that shrimp needs some manners."
"He has manners. He's a really nice boy. He even says bless you when someone sneezes."

My father had made up his mind. John Anthony was not good enough for his daughter. He tried pointing out other boys for me to like on the playground.

"How about that boy. He has nice hair."
"He gets in trouble all the time."
"Oh, forget him then. What about the nice brown haired guy with the blue coat. He looks friendly."
"Dad! He has stinky breath!"
"How do you know what his breath smells like?"
"Because he is all breathey when he talks and I don't think he even brushes his teeth. Daddy? Are you really going to talk to my teacher?"
"No. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about John Andy."
"John Anthony Dad!"
"Yeah, him."

He gave me a kiss and sent me on my way. I was very happy that my dad never got out of the car that day. As I approached the playground, I looked over my shoulder and my dad was still parked. He had his eye on John Anthony.

Stay tuned, part four coming soon. Thank you all for hanging in there. Thanks for the kind e-mails and comments. As far as an update on my dad. He isn't well. He will come home from the hospital tomorrow (Tuesday) because there is nothing else they can do for him medically. Hospice has been called to help with his at home care. This afternoon I am going back to my parent's house but will try to update soon.