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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Come Sale Away

Is garage sailing really a sport? Lane 2 seems to think so. In Illinois, the season for yard sales and such is in full force and my 10-year-old couldn't be happier. I actually think this is her favorite time of year and not for the trees and flowers in bloom, but for the fargin' bargains.

She wants to stop at every one we drive by. She wants to spend, spend, spend. But, she wants a good deal. Typically a shy kid, she will try to talk down the price of anything if she feels the people running the sale are being "too greedy".

I'm pretty sure her garage sale fetish came from Mr. Lane's side of the family. Sure, I like to browse and check stuff out from time to time, however, the young Lane is the type who undoubtedly will have a bumper sticker on her car that says, "I brake for garage sales."

This morning, on our way out to school, she saw a sign.
"MOM!" she shouted pointing.
"No. They are just getting started and you'll be late for school."
Mom, we have to, please, please. Can we just stop and watch them set up?"
Meanest mom in the whole wide world strikes again. Something tells me that after school today, when we drive by that sign, I might try to win her back and stop. She is after all my well behaved straight A child.


To Whom It May Concern, Lois Lane has had her head quite far up her ass as of late but has finally made an attempt at responding to your comments. I hope you will forgive her laziness. Thank you.