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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Catnip Fever

It seems Catnip (the bunny mentioned in yesterday's post) is quite comfy here at the Lane Estate. He ate like a champ and drank some animal formula during the night. I stayed awake with him until 3 a.m. waiting for him to finally eat. I read online that wild baby bunnies eat during the middle of the night and wouldn't you know, it was right.

I think Patches was spayed too young because she still really wants to get at this baby. She just kidnapped this poor thing like one of those crazy bitches you read about in the news who is having a midlife crisis because she never had children of her own and now her hormones are all jacked outta joint. Fucking cat!

I've told the kids our plans as far as Catnip goes. As soon as he is able to fend for himself, he goes back in the yard. At some point Patches, the bitch cat, will decide that critter smells good enough to eat so we have no choice. They seemed okay with that answer.

I take in stray babies all of the time but this was the first baby bunny that came to me that wasn't mauled. I work closely with an animal sanctuary so I do have a place I could send him if need be. It just came to us in such an odd way and at such a difficult time that I felt more obligated to this little critter than normally.

Lane 1 is doing much better since the loss of his bird Picasso. He took one of my pretty garden stones to mark the grave at the back of our yard. He said he plans on making Picasso a real headstone one day. His sister ran in the house, ran back outside and offered him a permanent marker, he took it, wrote his name, drew a picture of a bird and now it's official.

After you leave here, please go see Magz. Today is her birthday! Happy birthday sweetheart! (Pssst... three days left until my birthday.)