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Monday, June 12, 2006

I Don't Wanna

Next week we are going to Michigan. I just found out that Mr. Lane’s cousin is getting married. I’ve met her a few times but don’t exactly know her. Basically, I have cold feet. What do I wear? What do the kids wear? What do I buy them or is cash still cool?

I hate weddings. I didn’t even like my own. We managed a low-budget city hall ceremony, with a dinner at home cooked by the bride. Clothes for me and the old man, cake made by my sister in-law and food for our very closest of family, cost me roughly 80 bucks. Not even kidding.

We’ll spend that in gas getting to Michigan. Since they are about five hours away, we’ll have to get a room for at least one night but probably two. And to top it off, it’s my birthday weekend. How is Mr. Lane going to buy me all of the presents I so rightfully deserve if he is blowing the family bank on a wedding for a person we never see and barely know?

I think it’s time to stage a protest.