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Friday, August 04, 2006

Inappropriate Response

Inappropriate response is one of the many things we talked about at The Second City. It is a quick way to grab your audience. And sometimes, shock value can be really funny. Like an unexpected joke that smacks you upside the head.

As an exercise our teacher got us started with, “My mother just died.”

Classmate Al responded with a huge smile, saying, “That’s terrific! She was a real bitch!”

Other classmates threw in their off the wall remarks and it was funny.

Who knew I’d have some of these in my real world so soon after coming home? After the pitbull incident posted here I realized how life imitates art. And if Deb’s in-laws weren’t inappropriate enough, I was going to get another taste of it a couple of days later.

My neighbor invited Dino-Mike and I over so the kids could play. She asked him how long he was planning on staying with me and he jokingly said “Forever.”

She said, “But wouldn’t your mommy miss you?”

He said, “Um… no.”

“Oh yes she would. I know it would just kill me if my baby went away forever.”

“Well, my mom is already dead.”

As if the inappropriateness wasn’t already overwhelming, the dumb bitch who had been told about my sister, “forgot” and said to my 6-year-old nephew, “That’s okay. Sometimes mommies die.”

Any idea how hard it was to not laugh? In my head, I began writing the children’s book, “Sometimes Mommies Die” and I am telling you, it’s gonna be a big hit with the little ones.

Have a great weekend everybody!