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Monday, September 25, 2006

Thumb War

Life is busy as ever. But I had to take a minute to tell you about my old man.

I married the funniest guy on the planet. The best part about him is he doesn’t even know how funny he really is. The other day we were coming back from the farm and a guy rolled the stop sign, nearly T-boning our car.

Mr. Lane hardly ever gets pissed off. This time it was different. This time, some bastard was in such a hurry that he endangered Mr. Lane’s whole family. This time, Mr. Lane was pissed off but good. He wailed on his horn and flipped the guy… the thumb.

Oh my god! It was by far, the funniest thing the kids and I ever saw. Ever. He was so angry, he used the wrong finger, and now, every time one of us gets pissed off, we flip the other person the thumb.