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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hard Knock Life

Oh man, I lied to you guys. I said I’d be making fun of Mr. Lane again and I got sidetracked. Damn those mental trains! Sorry 'bout that. Well, life is busy here at the Lane Estate. Looks like a move is going to happen after all.

A job offer came out of nowhere for me, from even farther out in the middle of nowhere than we already are. This weekend the kids, old man and I are going to scope out the area for a new place to live.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the kids are losing their minds. It’s so hard to not give them a straight answer. But I can’t because I don’t know shit. After our weekend of searching properties and schools, I can let them know where they are going to school.

Can you imagine? School starts in a week here! Clothes, supplies, packing moving, new jobs for Mom and Dad. The uncertainty has all of us on edge and loopy. In a way, and I would never admit this to my old man, I hope it all falls through. (that is the first time I wrote a secret here – blog history folks)

Next week, I’ll be no help around here because I’ll be back at The Second City again. Mr. Lane asked me not to go. That wasn’t a reasonable request so I said “Sorry Charlie.”

So I’ll be a busy girl for a while. Please excuse my lack of regular updates. Check back because I will find time to write something. Or you can subscribe by clicking the RSS Feed thingy on the sidebar.

Also, please keep Aunty Shorty and Uncle Giant in your thoughts and prayers.