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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hangin’ With Miss Lois

I am hung-over. I feel like I’ve been kicked, and thrown and… wait a minute! I didn’t even drink alcohol yesterday, or the other day, or for days and weeks before that. How did I get to feeling this lousy? Oh, the surprise birthday party! That must still be taking its toll.

Saturday afternoon, 20 or so 12 and 13 year old girls were here celebrating Lane 2’s 12th birthday. Oh yeah, it was a sleepover too, which means at least 15 of the little screaming darlings stuck around until the next day.

It is Tuesday, so I, in theory, should be feeling back to normal, right? I don’t.

Inventory: 25 guests, 30 cheese burgers, 24 hotdogs, 7 packages of buns, 4 bags of chips, 1 kettle full of popcorn, 15 boxes of movie size candies, 3 different kinds of cake, 5 gallons of cherry Kool-Aid, 2 gallons of pink lemonade, 1 gallon of iced tea, 1 gallon of milk, 2 dozen eggs, 2 pounds of bacon, 16 biscuits, 1 whole box of pancake mix, 1 bottle of syrup, 15 girls, 1 pillow fight, 1 eye poked out, equivalent of 10 geese exploded on carpet from said pillow fight, 8 sleeping bags, 1 mom trying to make accommodations, 6 phone calls from lost guests who all claimed to find the Lord’s lost sandal, 5 minutes of mom guilt for forgetting some friends to invite, 12 cancellations (thank god because we ran out of everything including food and sanity), 1 dad hiding in his bedroom, 1 birthday girl who was not only surprised, but happier than a pig in shit.

How long do you think my recoup time will last? Place your bets.