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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

She's The Queen Of My Doublewide Trailer

This weekend we really crapped out. We started pulling more things apart in this 80-plus year old house, only to decide it was too cold and we were too tired to finish. I guess that is how projects can overrun your house. We aren't that bad... yet.

You can see in some of my latest photos here that random furniture seems scattered, which it really is, but it isn't something that can be remedied until all of the other ducks are in their proper-like rows. And, as you will see in today's photos, why I trust my judgment and not theirs.

It's funny how different our ideas are. I watch HGTV, therefore, I know my shit. My old man, not so much. He is very redneck, old school, which means he only has good taste in trashy women. And I am okay with that, as long as he agrees with everything I suggest we do with this old house.

Just look at him. Ha! Here is my old man trying on our daughter's fake glasses. Why does she have fake glasses? Well, because apparently wearing glasses is fashionable these days, and she was "cursed" with 20/20 vision.

While we were trying to get things done this weekend, Lane 1 and Lane 2 were... acting their age.

Lane 2's fashion show included this spicy number. Please take note of the drop ceiling behind her, that I ALMOST ripped out yesterday. Thankfully, I was too tired. But I'm going to in the not too distant future.

Lane 1 drinking a smoothie. This was taken a couple of months ago but had to be posted on the internet to downsize his ego.

The dogs are supposed to sleep in the kitchen and I caught someone dognapping them. Kids are so adorable... when they are asleep.

Proof that we need to get gutters.

Proof that we don't.

Lane 1 discovered the scanner this weekend. First she scanned magazines and drawings she made.

Then, a catscan. Get it?

After my tirade about how cruel it is to do such things to animals, she made herself a sandwich for lunch. She carefully cut cheese into words and a heart. So creative.

Of course, I can't forget the obligatory photo of the boy driving my car.

That was our weekend in a nutshell. What did you do?