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Monday, June 20, 2005

My Way

Thank you all for the well wishes and birthday e-cards and comments. You guys are the best! (Yes Poopie, I loved your song!)

Some really cool things have happened over the weekend and I hardly know where to begin. I know I should begin at where I left off in an emotional mood Friday but it all worked out and all because of a little dream I had. I'm not going to go into that right now. Actually, I wrote it up as a blog post and then changed my mind about posting it entirely. Cryptic, I know, but after my mom, one of my sisters and Katey read it and cried, I thought, maybe not so much.

Speaking of Katey... Okay, she wasn't crying, she had something in her eye. Probably dust. My house has enough of that laying around you could plant flowers in the shit. Yes, you read that correctly, Katey came to the Lane estate. She wrote all about her visit here.

You know what is weird? Katey. Okay not really just her so much but who she is and how she interacts. She is one of those people you meet and then feel like you've know forever. My daughter was practically up her ass the whole time. Lane 2 is normally a pretty shy kid. But not with "Miss Katey", which by the way, I did not tell her to call Katey that.

"Miss Katey, come see my room. Miss Katey, guess what's in here. Oh Miss Katey, you wanna see my messy closet that my mom makes me keep closed? Miss Katey, you wanna see my home movies from my first birthday?"

Why Katey never once rolled her eyes, told the kid to buzz off and actually looked like she was interested in all of the millions of things Lane 2 showed her, is beyond me. If I were Miss Katey, I would have said, "Get outta here kid, yer botherin' me." Sweet Miss Katey didn't.

Saturday, before her arrival, I awoke to Mr. Lane wishing me a happy birthday. I told him he was a day early and 33 should not be rushed, but my old man told me he wanted me to have a special day all to myself that wasn't overshadowed by Father's Day. He had cards and presents from him, the kids and his father, all waiting for me. It was a nice surprise. They got me a digital camera and a 5.8GHZ cordless phone. Sweeet!

After pouring some coffee down my throat, he also told me our plans for Sunday. "First, we'll go hang out with your mom and sisters for a couple hours. Then we can go by my sisters okay? That way we'll see everyone."

It was the same idea I mentioned to him a day earlier. I let him think he came up with a fabulous "solution" to our little dilemma and I agreed, which made him happy.

Katey and I made plans to just hangout and go to dinner. Before she arrived, Mr. Lane and Lane 1 were asking a million questions about her. Early in the day Mr. Lane was talking to one of his buddies on the phone and said, "Sorry dude, I can't. We are celebrating my old lady's birthday today and we are going out to dinner." After a long pause he said, "And she is bringing some chick she met on the internet."

He just made it sound so dirty. My Katey and me ain't dirty! After he was off of the telephone I said, "You know, I wouldn't invite her to our house if I hadn't met her in a public place before, which I have. Thankyouverymuch. Besides, she and I talk and e-mail and IM all of the time. I like her so don't give me any shit okay?"

"I'm not giving you shit. It's just weird."

Moments after her arrival, she and I, Mr. Lane, his dad, the kids headed out for dinner. Everyone warmed up quickly to her and Mr. Lane let me know she wasn't weird after all. In fact, he said he liked her a whole bunch. By the time dessert came, the two of them were sharing a dessert.

There's much more to tell but I want you to go read Katey's blog. I'll pick up here tomorrow. Thank you all again for making my birthday so awesome!