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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Giving Thanks

This year has been filled with ups and downs for my family. It seems like the downs were stacked against us. We lost my pops to cancer as the bank foreclosed on my parent's house. Two of our dearest family members were diagnosed with cancer. An uncle lost his leg to a blood disease, the same disease my sister Mary was diagnosed with. My sister Anita had a breast cancer scare. My sister Angie and her two kids were in a car wreck. My nephew Marvin was jumped and beat up at school. He also sustained a sports injury. We lost our 17-year-old family cat, Guido to the last of his nine lives. Mr. Lane and I had the least profitable year in all of our 17 years together. We spent less time together as a family this year due to work. We started a family business that went into the red faster than a whore into a no-tell motel on a Saturday night.

Looking back and probably forgetting some of the things, it seems it would be hard to find things to be thankful for. It isn't.

I am forever thankful that I had a father who was involved in my life. My children had the pleasure of not only meeting him but knowing, loving him and getting love in return. The end of Dad's life caused a bond stronger within us than anything we ever experienced as a family. We don't waste a day anymore. We had the privilege of being there with him together when he took his last breath. We had the opportunity to say all that needed to be said. He left us with countless wonderful memories. What's not to be thankful for?

Mary is working again and getting a lot of exercise to fight off blood clots. Angie and the kids are healing from their injuries. Anita remains titastic. What was initially scary stuff turned into more things to give thanks for.

My brother Jimmy started his own business and took our nephew Yoda on and so far, so good. My brother Mark, 19 years in the Air Force, thankfully has been spared going to the Middle East. More thanks.

Broke as a joke we Lanes are, but we are together. I was in the shower this morning with my old man. Water conservation project, if you will. He was catching the streams of water that rolled down my breasts. I watched him play. He gave me that little grin I love so much and started to sing "Let the Rain Fall Down..." He threw a handful of water at my face when I made fun of him for knowing a Hilary Duff song. Thankful.

Our kids are healthy and doing well in school. Lane 2 hasn't made us grandparents yet. Lane 1 hasn't asked to pierce anything. Together, they haven't conspired to rebel against us and take over the house. They kiss and hug me before bed each night and say, "I love you. Sleep tight. See you in the morning light." Tear-filled thanks.

Mom. Then there's Mom. Hoo boy! Mom. The Mominator. Yeah, she has had a rough year. I almost feel bad about making fun of her as much as I have. Almost. She lost so much this year but she keeps on giving. She's so giving that she gave everyone an invite to my house for Thanksgiving. That's right. I'm cooking the feast this year.

I am thankful for the hours shared in the kitchen with my mother while I was growing up. I learned a lot helping her cook, and now, it's my turn. She called me a couple of days ago. She wanted to make a list of things to bring. I told her just to bring herself. After making claims that my fresh from the farm turkey would be gamey and my stuffing lousy, she said she'll bring a ham. I am thankful for her ham and the ulcer she is giving me. I am thankful she feels comfortable enough in our relationship to continually plan parties and festivities at our house without asking me first.

Mostly, I am thankful for the mini cassette recorder I have set up in her favorite spot in my kitchen. Everything she says can and will be blogged against her in a court of Lois.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone of you imaginary friends of mine! Thankful.