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Thursday, January 19, 2006

We Didn't Start The Fire

I've been spending an absurd amount of time trying to use my exercise bike, the LO Racer 2006. Trying is the keyword. If you are new here, welcome to Home Fires. If you would like to see the fancy bike I am writing about today, please click here. It was a gift from my husband for Christmas. Saddest fact of all, I actually asked for exactly what I received. This is one of those be careful of what you wish for deals in life.

Upon closer inspection of the 30-year-old stationary bike, I noticed that the original tension wheel was no longer in place. Whoever owned it before me was inventive, however.

Since most of you are fortunate enough to not be familiar with this type of bike, I'll describe it a little more so you can visualize what I mean. The center bar that is between your legs while on the bike has a tension knob. When turned to the right, it pushes down a rubber, free-spinning wheel that presses against the tire. The more you tighten it, the harder it is to pedal, giving you a better workout for your muscles. It is supposed to be made of rubber because it makes direct contact with the rubber tire. Mine, due to the inventive previous owner, is made of wood. Sure, it is shaped like a normal rubber wheel and at fist glance, I was fooled.

The wheel is supposed to be able to spin against the tire. Mine doesn't. With the tension knob barely turned and the wooden wheel barely touching the tire, I have to pedal with all of my might.

It's a little scary when you're pedaling your ass and see smoke coming off of your bike tire. I thought, "So that's what Mr. Petridish meant about friction when I was in science class in 5th grade." Before any flames decided to shoot from my tire and cause my lovely purple plastic streamers to go up in smoke, I decided it best to stop.

I never mentioned the fact that Mr. Lane bought me something besides this lovely Lo Racer 2006. I guess that'll be a post for another day. Trust me, it's another doozie and as soon as I get the opportunity to use it, I'll tell you guys all about my experience.