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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When Will It End?

If you are just tuning in, welcome. This post is a part two of sorts to yesterday's tale. My mother gave all of her grandchildren gift cards for Christmas. Why am I still blabbering on about Christmas on the 11th of January, you may wonder. Well because, we are still trying to get our children to spend those lovely gift cards, that's why.

My sister Angie alluded to some of it in the comments yesterday. Way to spill the beans on my post Ang! Anyhow, thankfully, Angie was not paying too much attention to my conversation with her son Bubba Jr. who is also my godson.

I called him for his birthday, five days after Christmas. We were chitchatting about stuff and I asked if he used up all of his gift card.

"Actually, Auntie Lo, you can't get a good deal these days. It's like they just want grownups to be able to afford this stuff. I mean really, fifty stinking dollars for a stupid car that is likely to need very expensive batteries to just ride around the house. It's crazy."

He was as serious as any penny pinching 8- year-old can possibly be.

"You know, your cousin Lane bought one of those $50 cars."

"Really? I just can't see doing that. You know? Half of my gift card wasted on one thing, not gonna happen. So I told my mom, 'How 'bout I treat you to the snackbar?' because Auntie Lo, that is the best deal in town. Where else can you go and get two burgers and a pop for two bucks? Nowhere. I mean it, the prices are out of control."

He's 8-years-old, people.

Mary and Anita both tricked their husbands into taking their kids. I wish I were as smart as those two.

My friend Sam has created a comedy show, which can only be seen online. I've had the link for Dutch West up for a long time at the top of my sidebar. If you haven't been there, I'll give you some background and hopefully you'll take the time to visit.

It is a grassroots comedy show. To me it's like Saturday Night Live, MAD TV or a funnier version of Kids in the Hall. The quick links on the right of the main screen have all of the webisodes available. Click on the one you want to see, choose your viewer at the top of the page. (There are games you can play while it loads. The viewing preference is above the game.)

Click here to see my newest favorite webisode.

(Sam is the one in the red cap.)