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Friday, March 24, 2006

Have A Groovy Weekend!

Crazy busy again - still. What started out to be a freelance story for a media wire, has turned into this off-the-hook monster that could likely turn into a book. I can't go into any details here or now, but it is one of those stories that just boggles the mind.

Over the last few days I have been on the phone more than I have been in my new car. Not exactly what I'd like to be doing. I want to cruise with the sunroof open and the radio blasting, but that all has to be set aside for what is important. Blogging.

Okay, so I don't really choose cruising over blogging all of the time but it's a new-to-me car and my first car to ever have a bra. Yes, I am easily amused. Not so much as my old man who was hanging out of the sunroof lifting his shirt when we took our first cruise. I wish I was capable of driving and taking photos at the same time. Holy shit it was a funny sight. Freaked the kids out a little. They were certain we were driving Dad to the nuthouse after that stunt.

Busy and slightly sidetracked, I wanted to post a quickie to let you to know I have not forgotten any of you. And for those of you who emailed, I miss you too. For those of you who didn't email, you're also missed. I feel like I am missing out on the news in your part of the world when I can't tune into your blogs on a daily basis. It's like being out of the loop in a way. Hopefully I can catch up this weekend.

I really want to get back to the story of us, if you guys want to read more. I'd like to write the (hopeful) conclusion to Catman (the guy who told my mom he hated her dog.) I'd love to tell you about my sister Mary's quack ass doctor. It'd also be fun to tell you about how the visit with the in-laws is going. Did I mention they will be here until Easter? Pimp My Bike continues but I have no time to tell you what is new about the LO Racer 2006. Hell, I've barely had time to ride the damn thing.

The blog is supposed to be getting a makeover but I've been slow getting back to Seven, who is an amazingly patient person. Anyone want to help me make up my mind and tell me what changes you would like to see here?

Today is the official start to Spring Break, which means more time with the kids, which likely will result in more stories to share, providing there is time to write.

The contest poll will be removed tonight, so if you didn't get your vote in, now's the time to do so. Haiku Hullabaloo remains in the lead. If you would like to send in your Haiku early, feel free to send it to All entries will be posted on the blog and readers will get to vote for their favorite. I will remove the names before posting so this doesn't turn into a popularity contest. Please do not put your entry in the comments.

I will leave you with a weekend poem:
The weekend is here
Time to unwind
Turn up the music
Pour me some wine

I've had a shitty week
Just busy, no time to speak
I wrote a lot of news and junk
I'd rather have been stuffing the old man in my trunk

Not in my ass you silly pervs
In my new car that has sweet little curves
If you could have seen how excited he was
Whipping his tits out showing all that self-love
You would have laughed as hard as I did
To know in that man, is just a big kid

Back to work I must go
Because of the car, I totally owe
Self-employed sounds good and all
But my boss in my head makes my skin crawl
She tells me to stop blogging and stuff
And, "Get back to work you lazy cuss"
As much as I want to continue to play
I better get going right away