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Monday, March 20, 2006

Meet George Jetson

By popular demand, the story of us will continue, someday. Besides working on a huge story this week, my in-laws are in town, which means, this is about all I have time for today. I am going to leave you with a couple of visuals that hopefully will make you smile as much as they make me.

In addition to reformatting my hard drive (icky bad computer problems on Sunday) and reinstalling my camera, scanner and photo editing software, I searched through an entire cedar chest full of unorganized photos to bring to you the best hair shots of Mr. Lane from back in the day.

If you are a new visitor, thanks for stopping by. To really grasp why these photos are so special to me, please read the two posts below.

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Sadly, I couldn't find one of him in shorts and a sweatshirt, or that Def Leppard painter's hat. In fact, these are pretty tame versions of his hair back then. Maybe refusing to photograph him with that ridiculous hairdo broke him of wearing it too often.

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I think he was going for a GQ look here. I'm sure you can see his overflowing self love in this and the one above.

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I chose to share this one so you could see how skinny and goofy he looked. He is still very animated but not nearly as full of himself.

And finally, this photo was taken yesterday morning, before I cut my father in-law's hair. Mr. Lane was washing his dad's hair in the kitchen sink for him because he didn't want him to burn himself with our screwy water.

This tender sweet side is what ultimately captured my attention back then. I'm just really glad some things never change... and stuff.