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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Grand Prize Game

Veronica suggested my next contest, rather than being based on a certain number of hits, be centered around the comments. Since installing Haloscan a year ago, there have been 7,980 comments to this here blog. And no, I didn't count every single one.

Thankfully, Haloscan has a main page where users can see all of their information. I have 399 pages of comments, each page containing 20, carry the one and minus about 100 because early on I responded to comments, meaning some of those were my own and therefore don't count, dot my i, cross my t and that brings me to 7,880.

I could wait for 10,000 comments. Or I could go back to the hits and wait for 60,000. I also could pick a random number for either. But I was thinking about making you guys really work for your prize. How about a haiku hullabaloo? How about a "Why I dig Home Fires" essay contest? How about a lyrics contest based on any story from the blog?

This is a democracy, which I will leave in your capable hands. Vote for your choice in the poll on the sidebar. Additional contest and prize ideas are welcome.