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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm In Love With A Stripper

The headline seems wrong knowing I am about to write about my son. He isn't a stripper, well, he acted like one when he was 3-years-old but that isn't important right now.

Friday night, the high school sponsored a dance for all of the eighth grade students from all of the area schools. There are at least ten schools, outside of the local middle school that filter into the high school. The dance was an opportunity for all of the kids to meet and mingle before their first day together as freshmen next fall.

Lane 1 is a popular kid. Besides his friends in our neighborhood, which is outside of town, he has many friends from his school, St. Peter, Paul and Mary. He also attended the middle school for a short time in sixth grade, where he made a lot of friends.

At the dance, he spent a lot of time catching up with old friends. None of the kids were on the dance floor, so the chaperones who were mostly high schoolers, went around to each group of chatting kids and told them to get out there and dance.

When a girl, a high school junior, approached my son's group of friends, he said, "Are you asking me to dance? I'd be happy to."

What kind of little stud muffin does he think he is? That cracked me up. He is in eighth grade and tricked a chaperone to dance with him. No doubt a proud moment for the boy. When he told us the story, he added, "What can I say? She's in love wit a strippah."

That comment stuck with the boy all weekend. Saturday afternoon, after his track meet (he made it to state, incase you missed yesterday's post) we were driving home and that song came on the radio. He said, "Dude, turn it up."

Mr. Lane and I looked at each other, and at the same time, sang, "I'm in love wit a track star."

That song will never be the same again in our house.

When he came home from the dance, his pockets were not lined with telephone numbers like the last time. Instead, he had a laundry list of plans. He's taking this one to a movie, that one to the golf course, this one to the river, ect. He didn't just make plans with girls. He had a mental laundry list to go fishing with this buddy, jet skiing with that buddy, dirt bike riding with a group of them, his list covered the entire summer.

I don't know how many of his plans he will get to keep but if this weekend was any indication, the world, as we know it, does in fact revolve around that teenager.

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Here he is driving two neighborhood kids around on a "golf cart" that he borrowed from one of our neighbors. Lane 1, rather than accepting money for helping the guy with lawn work and watching his dog when he's away, trades that for playtime on this thing. (Blurry photo taken by Mr. Lane)

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Sunday, even though it was much too cold on the river, here is Lane 1 jet skiing. (This blurry photo also was taken by Mr. Lane)

I'll have more pictures of the strippah from his track meet when I get my film developed.

Holy buckets of well-wishes Batman! My mom told me to tell all of you thanks a million for all of the e-cards and e-mails. She is feeling better and drinking lots of water, which in her defense, she had been doing before all of this happened. Like most people, she cut back when she began feeling lousy. Have you had your water today?

Thanks for cheering her up. You guys are awesome.