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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

He’s A Big Star

The thing that sucks the most about someone dressed all sorts of fucked up like the “lady” I described yesterday is, she was nice and she was funny. Sure she wasn’t dressed for a wedding but she had this, take me or leave me as I am thing going for her, which is something I admire. No, that doesn’t mean I’d be inclined to go out anywhere dressed the way she was but she was really just a happy person dancing to the beat of her own drummer.

One thing she said to me that cracked me up was when she started ripping on her teenaged daughter for not wearing a dress. She even complained that the child didn’t wear one to the homecoming dance at school. As a matter of fact, she was dressed a lot like her mom. So I kind of gave her the apple doesn’t fall far look and she got it. Not a lot of people can communicate with eye and facial expressions, especially people who just met. But we did and then laughed. So the next time you are at a function and you see someone wearing their camel toe on their sleeve, so to speak, take the time to talk a while, you might just be surprised.

Now, Mr. Deejay Funky Not So Fresh who just so happened to be lifelong friends with Miss Underdressed, was a laugh fucking riot. First of all he was a big four-feet tall and of Mexican-American decent.

“This is Deejay Alf in the hooooouse! But the ladies call me Alfie. How you doing, ladies?”

Before he mentioned that the ladies call him Alfie, I thought his name was Al. Then it sounded like he was saying El, as in El Niño. Pretty soon, it sounded like he said Elf. Elf was a good name for him. So I mentioned something to my new friend Miss Underdressed about Deejay Elf and she corrected me, “You know, like Alien Life Form.” Yes, they were all seemingly stuck in the 80s.

Alf thought it would be a good idea to sing along into a microphone to almost all of the songs he played. His accent was very much like Cheech Marin, even when he sang. Is it normal for a deejay to sing along at a wedding reception? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It was like Karaoke and he was the star. Can you imagine Cheech singing Funky Cold Medina? No? How about Cheech singing the bride and groom’s song as they took the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple? Yes, he really sang along to Shania Twain’s From This Moment. Talk about spoiling the moment and the mood.

“From dis moment, dare is nutting I wouldn’t gib from dis moment don.” Not even kidding.

Tomorrow, getting there really is half of the fun and maybe a couple of drunken in-law tales. Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday.