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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rosie Can You Hear Me?

Open Letter to Ro from Lo

Dear Rosie O'Donnell, I pretty much already auditioned to be a writer on your show, Rosie's Variety Hour, since we have been blog buddies for nearly four years. I've been to your blog, you've been to mine. You have been very kind and inspiring to me.

Leaving these comments:

In response to this post, you said,

"hey u r an amazing writer
funny and real
i love this story

my son wears my sweat pants
he looks like a rap star from iowa
my lil homey

peace out lois


And in this post I suggest I may not be funny enough to get a dream job writing for SNL, Mad TV, The Tonight Show or Ellen.

But you said,

"u r funny lois
i bet u could get a writing gig
on one of those shows
if u really wanted it

but what do i know

journalists - on tv at least
seem crippled and cowardly
2 me lately

i am getting old
rosie o"

In the Ask Ro section of your blog you gave me advice saying I should go to The Second City. You told me I had nothing to lose. You were right, and beyond supportive. And I believe I had the time of my life there. Comedy writing in a collaborative setting was something I never had the chance to do before then, and I simply loved every second of participating.

You helped me to believe in myself and my writing. Your words echoed inside of my head when I felt my writing wouldn't go anywhere but in my notebooks and computer files.

I have created characters, skits, monologues and just plain old silly jokes non stop for years. Until now, I've had no place to send it to. Sure, I've written to Lorne Michaels so many times, he probably has a stalker alert that comes up every time he sees my email address. But, again, it's gone nowhere.

I know people are always asking you for shit. But if you teach a gal to fish... I promise not to just screw the guy in the bait shop.

I would love to pay you back for your kindness. I would love to be a part of something that gives people reasons to laugh again. In this world, it gets harder and harder to find the humor. But if laughter is the best medicine, then we have to forge ahead. I got a PHD in LOL.

If you, like Rosie, have ever read my blog and laughed, I would like for you to comment. I would like Rosie O'Donnell to see that I have a prescription pad filled with laughter ready to medicate the masses.

Love, Lo

Pinky is our big winner once again. Queen Janine came in a close-ish second. Congratulations, Pinky! Send me your mailing address and I'll have Bud Buckley send your autographed CD. Bud thank you so much for sharing your music. You rock...literally!

Following the dramatic turn of events with my whacked out brother in-law, (please see this post) I found out that I have my very own Fairy Blog Parent.

Seriously, how lucky am I? I don't want to mention names but I'll just say that this person knows me and my little family through reading this blog over the last four years. And this person was beyond kind, sending my son money toward his new room.

If my Fairy Blog Parent wants to out themselves in the comment section, by all means, please do. Until then, know that I was beyond shocked and thrilled, at the same time feeling, "I can't take this!" I may have even cried like one or two tears. And you all know Lois don't cry for nothin'! Anyhow, thank you again, you wonderful person.

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