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Saturday, July 26, 2008

No, Really, It Is About Time!

There is only one person who has participated in the contest mentioned below. Pinky, who was the winner of our last contest, receiving an autographed copy of David Nickerson's comedy DVD, needs some competition.

She has sent all of her minions to my MySpace blog, and has a pretty good group. But, the contest will remain open until I feel this girl has been given a run for her money. Sure, she may still end up our winner, but I am not going to make it easy on her.

Please read the post below to see what you need to do to make Pinky red with anger, green with envy, and maybe even blue balled.

NBC has been a thorn in my side since I started that blog. Sign-up has been virtually impossible, and now they have decided to censor some of my more colorful words.

I'm still blogging a lot over there, but I also started a blog on Will Ferrell's website. You can checkout all of my uncut monologue style newz there. Please add the links to your site if you like what you see.