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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


You guys are great! Yesterday we played a little game "Children's Books That Didn't Make It". Little did I know at the time, the comments would be way funnier than the post. Those who participated should now give themselves a virtual pat on the back.

Here's another small handful of books I thought wouldn't make it. These also are the reasons why I should be sleeping by 10 p.m.

1. Moby Dick And The Adventures Of Papa Boner
2. Curious George Swings Both Ways
3. Black Beauty Digs Jungle Fever
4. My Little Pony Rides Black Beauty
5. Pocket Pool And Other Fun Activities For A Wet Day


Anyone notice anything different about me? Yes, I know you can't actually see me but do you see changes here at Home Fires? I feel thinner, prettier, less cluttered now and practically fresh as the morning dew.

I've reinstalled Blogrolling to help me better organize my links. While doing so, I may have missed one or two, so if you notice you aren't there anymore, don't think Lois hates you. She is just overwhelmed by all the links. All of a sudden I feel like I have multi-personality disorder. That other Lois has left the building. Anyhow, there were 15 new links added in the last week. Crazy!

In Other Newz

Like many of you, I start my day with a little news. Sometimes I am compelled to share the things that I've read here. This is one of those times. Marc and Michael Brummer, brothers and co-owners of Hobby's Deli in Jersey, thought of a way to help support U.S. troops stationed in Iraq.

They won't be placing magnetic yellow ribbon emblems made in China on their cars, however.

These brothers must have been raised by a mom like my own. "Happiness is through the belly! Eat!" or so she told me and I assume their mom told them.

They are hooking up the men and women of the 42nd Infantry Division with 23,000 salamis. So far, two tons of dried meat (boy oh boy can I make this sound dirty in my head) has been shipped in what the brothers call "Operation Salami Drop."

I believe these guys are doing something really cool. Of course, I see silly headline opportunities within the heartwarming story.

Brothers Share Salami (incest is wrong, do not try this at home)
Soldiers Get The Gift Of Salami (so much for don't ask don't tell)
Salami Brings Smiles Across The Miles (I'd smile too if I was getting me some)

Okay, so maybe this won't get me a writing gig with the folks at SNL, Mad TV, The Tonight Show or Ellen but I hope I've at least humored my friends here. Since you guys are much funnier than me, I'd like to see some of today's headlines twisted with your best perversion. You can leave them in my comments or use this as another exercise on your own blog. Make sure you leave your link so others can checkout your silliness.