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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's About Time

It's contest time again folks! Round up your posse and bring them down to China Town, or at least to Home Fires.

Bud Buckley's new autographed CD is waiting for you. What do you have to do? Just blog all about why you deserve to win. You can have your readers or viewers come and tell me why you should win. You can leave your own reasons why in my comments below. You can post it on your own blog and leave a link in my comments. Or you can take it to YouTube and show off your CD collection and explain why Bud would be a nice addition to your rack. Not that rack, calm down ladies, he is a happily married man.

The people with the most friends speaking on their behalf, those with the best, funniest and/or most creative answers will all be sent to Bud. He will choose the winner. Oh, yeah, I guess I forgot to tell him that part. See, I just hate being the bad guy when people don't win. So he's a good guy for offering up his autographed CD, but a bad guy because everyone can't win. Which equals a win-win for me.

If you want to take a listen or say screw the contest, I'll buy my own copy, click right here!

Here is the review I personally wrote about his latest CD.

It's About Time
By Lois Lane

Bud Buckley's new album, It's About Time, features ten tracks, with a host of emotion. Each song, written by Buckley, has a classic rock style. Singing lead vocals, Buckley's mellow rocker, Bob Dylan sound, makes him feel familiar.

The Band:
The singer/songwriter collaborated with an amazing group of musicians who literally play well together. Helen Avakian, Terry Champlin, Scott Petito, Deni Bonet, Chris Carey, Beth Reineke, Laurel Pistey, Kathy Feeney and James Braha all played a role in bringing Buckley's notes and lyrics alive.

The Review:
As classic and familiar as the songs feel, It's About Time offers many bombshells along the way. It features basic piano, organ, drums, classic, electric and acoustical guitars. Then offers the treat and surprise of a violin, an electric violin, a viola, a cello, electric and stand up bass. In the age of synthesized, soundboards and computerized hoo-ha, it's refreshing to hear an artist go back to the basics and reintroduce these great instruments to the listening public.

Buckley's lyrics in this album have special meaning to his family and friends. You can tell the man is loved just by hearing the lyrics his heart pours out about each of them.

The album itself was dedicated to his wife, Cathy Lewis. Paying homage to her, his best friend, "Can't Leave My Mind" tells a story of the overwhelming presence she has whether they are together or apart.

"I Still Remember" written for Bree, Buckley's daughter, gives you a feel of the raw emotion emitting as he reflects her younger years, and their time shared. I can see this becoming a popular wedding, father/daughter song.

"Keeping Secrets" was my first favorite of the album. It takes me back to pinky swears and playground days, whispering into a friends ear and giggling for hours.

"Meltdown" shows off the tough rocker dude, who is hidden in this lovable family man. It tells a story of being metaphorically being left "bare-assed in the street" but not intending to take anymore crap from anyone. This is the song you'll blare when life hands you a curve ball.

"Tattoo" begins with a jazz lounge feel. It leaves you with a feeling of nostalgia. And if you don't catch yourself smiling at these lyrics, you aren't listening closely enough.

The meanings and feeling aside, this album is a must own. From track one through ten, I was entertained, I felt love and compassion, mixed up with rock and roll. Seriously, how can you go wrong with a combination like that?

Contest ends July 25th. That gives you ten days to round up your posse or come up with your best answer. The winner will be chosen in a couple of weeks

New blog post coming in a couple of days. Summer is a busy time here at the Lane Estate.