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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back By Popular Demand...

...and for a limited time only, I bring to you my coverage of The Turkey Testicle Festival with a few add-ons.

I walked in like I bought the place, even though my heart was heavy as I just learned my Uncle Giant lost his battle with cancer. “The show must go on,” I could hear him say in my mind. And so it did.

Unscripted, in a town I’ve never been, surrounded by people I’d never met, they threw me right in as if we’ve all been life-long friends. At the main gate I said, “I’m Lois Lane, I’m sending in an audition tape to The Tonight Show, and I would like to film what goes on around here if that’s okay.”

I never told them that I didn’t really want to be on the show, I just wanted to fulfill a triple dog dare, that’s where you guys came in egging me on, which I’ve grown to be thankful for. By the way, Frank, the founders son who I interviewed in the first part, had the most contagious little giggle, listen closely for that.

So as you and yours gather 'round for your big feast tomorrow, remember to be thankful the turkey nuts aren’t in your mouth. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Please read my post below. It’s especially important for those of you who battle your weight. It doesn’t have to be a battle.