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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Getting Back To Normal

Happy Anniversary To Me And Bloggy

Home Fires blog version is one month old! I feel like I've been blogging forever. Anyhow, I want to take a moment to thank you guys for coming back for more. I see a lot of new names in the comments section and lots of repeat visitors, which really makes me happy. Also having 1,230 hits so early in the game puts a smile on my face too.

The reason I am here is because Bloomin' Onionhead planted a mental seed in my head about blogging. So thanks to you Oniondude! If you've not taken the time to read his blog, you're missing out big time. Yeah, I know all of those words he uses look intimidating but it really is easy reading, not to mention funny as hell!

Besides all the new links, I've added a "Rate Me" option, a "Blogwise" and a "Blogarama" button. If you click on those I guess it is supposed to give me cyber brownie points with the blog gods or something. Anyhow, it's nice having Home Fires in their listings.

Comment Slacker

I've totally fucked up on responding to the comments! I hope now that the holidays are over and the in-laws are gone, and the shock of a blast from my past (Lee) is wearing off, I can get back to normal. I won't get sappy and emotional anymore either so the last three posts may be all the soft side of Lois you will ever read here.

I told Lee's story because I was so happy to hear from her again. I was shocked at the latest developments but mostly, I wanted to encourage her strength, coping and her writing. I seriously appreciate all of the nice comments but I really think any of you would have done exactly the same thing I did. She is the real hero in that story!

Winter Trickery

Now on with the show!

Fucking weather! Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking, "Lois, you live in Illinois, why are you so shocked about the weather? Illinois is the armpit of the world as far as weather goes!"

While that may be true, the armpit part, the rest isn't. I am not in shock over the weather. I am in shock over the school system. Yesterday was a friggin' snow day! Do you realize Lane 1 and Lane 2 were supposed to be enriching their minds with education but couldn't because of two lousy inches of snow? If you call shoveling snow, making snow angels, and tracking snow all over the house enrichment, then you're as nuts as the administrator who called off school. Two stinking inches!

And just to show you how much of a backward ass, country, podunk town I live in, today they didn't call school off and there are eight inches of snow, which continues to fall. What the hell?

I listened to the local radio station and heard all the schools in every town surrounding us were closed. I heard nothing about our schools. I turned to the TV. Same thing. At the bottom of the screen, every school from here to the state line, closed, our town, not listed. During this time I repeatedly tried calling the school to get the news from the horses mouth. First hour, no answer, second hour busy. A half hour into the third hour, which mind you, none of us have taken the initiative to get ready, principal answers to tell me school is in session today. I was quick to inform him the weather is much worse today than yesterday, as are the roads. His response, "Ironic, huh?" Fucking dufus! No wonder why my kids hate you.

I got off of the phone and broke the news to my kids, who by the way, had their little fingers crossed so tightly all circulation was lost, "For today's enrichment children, you will build Mommy a snowman." Fuck that if I'm driving them in this shit!

It's 9 a.m., do you know where your children are? Mine are right outside of the window I am looking out of. At this rate my snowman will be 10 feet tall by noon. I'd write more but I think I am going to get my boots and mittens on and take my happy ass outside for some good old fashioned ditch day fun!