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Friday, December 31, 2004

Many Mini Posts

Happy New Year Y'all!

Happy new year to all of you folks! I'd like to state for the record, I will not be giving anything up. All of my bad habits are now aged to perfection and I am not ready to just give them up all willy nilly. I am happy with me and all of my vices.

For all of you giving up the things you love, I wish you luck!
While You Celebrate, Try Not To Kill Anyone

I could post something very sentimental but I'll spare ya! Here's the short version of the story, don't drink and drive. I don't have enough readers yet, I'd hate to lose any of you, so don't die or end up in the pokey. :P
Hostess With The Mostess, Take Two

Actually I was torn for a title, choice, number two, "Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 1874"

No, it doesn't sing as well as 1999, but it's all in the company you keep. I might as well go drink beer in the cemetery tonight. Did I ever mention my mother in-law is a bible banger?

My house will be full of people in a few short hours. Shit, make that one hour! It's the same group I had over for Christmas Eve, so, if you read "Not A Mushy Holiday Tale", you'll know how much fun I will have bringing in 2005!

Food alone has cost me a small fortune since the in-laws arrived. Mr. Lane thought me cheesy when I said, it's a BYOB party. Sorry folks, although I like to think of myself as a rich bitch, I'm not. I am not a big drinker either so why shouldn't they bring their own booze?

I was a bit smarter this time making sure to tell everyone an hour before we were eating so Mr. Lane doesn't have an aneurysm. I'm nice like that.

Is it too late to become a raging alcoholic?

See you all next year!
Lois Lane