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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Kindergarten Krush: Five For Fighting

First time here? Scroll down for part one, two, three and four. (Yes, I promise this will end soon!)

My eyes were not playing tricks on me. I didn't mistake the desk. It really wasn't someone else's. It was mine, all mine! And best of all, I didn't become the sawdust kid who puked!

The classroom filled with chatter about my candy grams. Everyone was asking each other who did it but no one owned up. I sat at my desk and counted 11 candy grams, 10 of which had my name and the words, "Your smile always makes me smile!" My teacher stood over my desk helping me sound out the "big words".

Even at the age of five, there was no mistaking my dad's handwriting. He certainly missed his calling as a doctor. I smiled as I read each one. Seeing a pattern forming after reading the first five or six, I still continued reading.

If I had taken the time to look at John Anthony, even his lack of smile couldn't have brought me down, not this time.

"Hey! This one wasn't signed! It has a ? in the From spot! I have a secret admirer! JOHN ANTHONY!!! Thank you God! Thank you so so so so much!!!"

My teacher asked if I knew who they were from so I whispered into her ear, to keep the rest of the class out of the loop. I am pretty sure it drove them nuts, and that thought only made me smile more.

I looked at John Anthony. He was really looking at me this time. I winked my eye at his cute freckled mug but he looked behind him like I was winking at someone else. "SILLY HEAD! Hahaha! You're so cute!"

I smiled for the whole day. When it was time to go home everyone was asking me where all of the candy grams came from but I still didn't tell. We lined up two by two. I looked for John Anthony. He was first in line. I was in too happy of a mood to budge but knew the next day would be a different story.

I had to sit next to Michael Powells on the bus because the big kids got loaded first, making it crowded. I really wanted to share my candy with my friend Cheryl but she was all the way on the other side sitting next to Angelo, a boy she liked.

I opened one of the candy grams, even though I wasn't supposed to eat on the bus. I could feel Michael's eyeballs looking at my candy. Without looking at him I asked if he wanted some. He was all weird and shy but did finally take a piece.

My stop was coming up and I had to hurry and hide my candy before my sister dragged me off of the bus. I handed Michael one more piece and stuffed the rest in my bag. I damn near floated off of that bus. I couldn't wait to see my dad.

I ran into the house, wrapped my arms really tight around his neck, cutting off his oxygen and blood flow to his brain. I pressed my puckered mouth against his cheek so hard my teeth were embedded into his skin. "I love you Daddy! You are the bestest dad in the whole wide world! And you know what? John Anthony gave me a candy gram too!"

I frantically began digging for it in my book bag to show him. When he saw the question mark, he said, "Lois, how do you know it's from him? I mean, I hope it's from him. He'd be a shrimpy fat dummy if it isn't from him. But a question mark could be from anyone."

"I know it's from him Dad! I really know it."

"I really hope it's from him! It better be from him! Oh crap! What if it's from stinky breathey boy, Greg? No way Jose! John Anthony likes me and I know he is my secret admirer!"

Stay tuned, part six coming soon, hopefully by the end of the weekend. Thank you all again for the kind words and well-wishes!