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Monday, May 09, 2005

Tears Of A Clown

No one cried harder than my mom the day I flipped my Big Wheel, skinning my back from my tailbone to my shoulder blades. (4 yrs. old)

No one cried harder than my mom the day I was bitten on the back by a neighborhood kid for not sharing my candy. Her finger gently traced every tooth imprinted as she showed the doctor. (5 yrs. old)

No one cried harder than my mom the day I fell off of the neighbor's bike, repeatedly, while trying to teach myself how to ride on two wheels. Elbows, knees, palms and chin all bandaged up as she cried, and begged me to take a break. I didn't. (5 yrs. old)

No one cried harder than my mom the day I got a four and half inch burn on my leg from the tailpipe of a Harley. (7 yrs. old)

No one cried harder than my mom the day I got hit by a car. (12 yrs. old.)

I remember how she always told me to stop hurting her baby. There were lots more times my mom cried because of me over the years, this Mother's Day was no exception.

When the fog lifts from my holiday hangover, I'll tell you how I managed to not only make Mom cry again, but also how I set her kitchen on fire.


Selling My Soul

Having the garage sale felt like handing over my soul. Little Monty Hall (Lane 2 - thanks Randy) did amazingly wonderful. There's not enough time to tell all the gory details, however, know that next weekend, by popular demand, there will be a repeat performance of said sale.

I've also been bulldogged into adding a lemonade stand, complete with snacks. Thankyouverymuch Sarah.

Thanks also go out to Dante for the offer of a new motherboard. As it stands, Lane 2 could buy a laptop better than mine with the cash raked in thus far.


Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Today there have been 75 plus people looking for new stuff to read here at Home Fires. Sorry to disappoint but I was having a lazy morning.

If you have come here looking for a new story more than once today, you might want to check into RSS feed. It's an easier way for you to check for updates on all of your favorite blogs and news websites.

Sure, I'd love to set a deadline for myself and make sure I post everyday, but sometimes life and kids and work get in the way of my fart around time. If you're like me and spend a lot of time reading blogs or checking for updates, you might also be better off checking this technology out.

I added RSS feed to the right sidebar over the weekend and I don't understand everything about it just yet. What I do know is that you can "subscribe" to Home Fires and alike by clicking the link and choosing where you want your updates sent.

I use My Yahoo, where I can easily see every recent update on all of my selected sites by just logging in to that one site. I set up a free e-mail account and "added content" by pasting URLs into the designated place. I removed all of the crap My Yahoo's homepage came with and replaced it with the sites I like. It only adds sites if they offer RSS feed.

I thought I was covered with this technology by having my settings in accordance with Blogger Help, only Blogger didn't help. So I went to this site and signed up and finagled it onto my template.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do but just find it much too confusing, you can hire my buddy Se7en, the guy who designed Home Fires, for a mere 5 bucks to hook you up.

(Tomorrow I'll give you the lowdown on Mother's Day and tell you all about how we all almost went down in a blaze of glory.)