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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Give A Little Bit

Thanks to the few of you who clicked on the link and donated to the American Red Cross over the last couple of days. For those of you who can't donate because of financial constraints, but want to do something, I have a couple of ideas. I know I am supposed to be rich by now, but like most of you fine folks, destiny just hasn't seem to have caught on. Since I am unable to send billions of dollars, I'm doing what I can.

I'm sure many of you have been keeping watch on the hurricane footage, death tolls and damages. The amount of havoc is astounding. Seeing that but being so far away, gives me a very helpless feeling. Wheels on my mental bus went round-and-round, and then I made a plan.

I called the school and talked to the principal. I asked if we could set up collection stations in the school for donations. He thought that was a good idea. He also offered to donate all of the chapel and Sunday service offerings for the entire month of September. Bonus!

After hanging up with him, I called many of our local stores and asked if they would be willing to match or double what the students at St. Peter, Paul and Mary collect for the Red Cross. So far, four have said yes. I have calls into six other places. Fingers are crossed.

I told each business to collect the money over a week's time. In the end a check should be written for the amount, or double (their choice) to the American Red Cross. I offered to put a press release together highlighting their business for contributing. They liked the sound of "free" advertising.

I haven't set a financial goal. I'm just happy the plan is taking shape.

I thought about asking our local ice cream parlor if they would donate an ice cream party for the students at St. Peter, Paul and Mary if they reach a certain dollar amount. My wheels are still spinning on that idea.

That feeling of helplessness has subsided slightly. No, I can't be there for the rescue efforts. No, I can't give much money personally. No, I can't bring back the lives that were lost. But my idea can make a small difference.

What else can we do but give a little bit of our time when money falls short?