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Friday, September 23, 2005

Yoooo Hooooo!

maxine uppercase

Settle down ya'll. Lois isn't here because she's busy taking care of Uncle Giant and Aunt Shorty. Her posse, which consists of me and Hoss , is watching her back while she's otherwise engaged with not entertaining you with her sterling wit.
I bet you didn't know that this guy is the one who brought old Maxine to life. We've got something in common then...neither did I! I googled the old broad and lo and behold...there was the genius behind the crabbiness. Hoss thinks Maxine ought to run for president, and has spoken of a grass roots campaign of which he will, of course, be the ring leader. Poor thing is bored to death up there in Oregon in between potty breaks and reading b***s.

I've known Lois since way before the days of her miracle kitty Chip and her vacations with Mom and the grocery sack luggage. As a matter of fact, I was the one who held Chip for ransom for almost a year. That girl can sure spin a tale. But then what else would we expect from Superman's girlfriend? She just recently got a nice hairdo that is to-die-for and that makes me wish I had the $$ to do the same. *sigh* I reckon I'll spend the ransom money at the salon gettin' all beautiful and stuff.

Lois is such a fun mom to Lane1 and Lane2. There is always something exciting going on around their place. Mr. Lane knows what a prize she is. I won't mention the fun they had on vacation with candles and the bathtub. This is a family site after all ;)

Y'all give Uncle Giant and Aunt Shorty a shout out in your daily prayers. The posse could use some help. ^j^ Love ya....mean it. Poopsie