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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Smoke On The Water

Chip the miracle cat almost lost yet another life yesterday. There I was minding my very own business, getting ready for Lane 2's volleyball game and helping Lane 1 with his homework. I left my laptop on the kitchen table, next to my glass of water.

While in Lane 1's room, I heard something crash. I ran into the kitchen. There I saw Chip walking and shaking water off of each paw. I looked up at the table and saw my precious laptop dripping wet. He was caught wet pawed. There is no doubt in my mind he was the reason why the water spilled. Plus he has a history of jumping onto places he doesn't belong. Last week I saw Chip hop effortlessly onto the kitchen counter and onto the top of the refrigerator just to get a hold of a moth clinging to my ceiling. Guilty I tell ya!

On the phone, my mom tried blaming me for having a glass of water near my laptop. I hung up on her. Okay, I didn't hang up on her but I did remind her that she always drinks while playing on her computer and often times leaves a glass unattended. She kindly reminded me that she no longer has any cats to knock things over.

Once the information processed through her mind she asked how I would be able to blog.

"Blog? What about work Mother? How am I going to do that?"

We got off of the phone as I was taking the laptop apart. That's about the time Mr. Lane and his father walked in. I handed over the screwdriver and went to fetch the hairdryer. Mr. Lane sat patiently holding the dryer over the soggy computer, reassuring me that he would get me a new one if it didn't dry out. His father began reminiscing about the time he had to do the same thing to his cell phone. I looked at it as a father and son bonding moment and walked away to kill the cat.

Chip looked at me, practically smiling and then went on to lick his crotch. How can I kill a creature with such a skill? I called him a showoff and walked away.

Early on most of the keys typed different letters. The touch pad worked but didn't go where it was intended. I was pretty sure Mr. Lane would be going to buy me a new one before the night was through. His persistence paid off. Right now, there are very few keys that aren't working.

I'd like to see a quick raise of hands. Who tried the straw armpit farts as seen in yesterday's post?