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Monday, October 31, 2005

This Is No Trick!

An agent e-mailed me over the weekend. Before we all get excited, and begin reserving a copy of the book, I need to send a proposal to the agency. I won't get an official "yes" until I've sold them with this proposal. The skeleton of what I intend to send is ready to rock and roll. I just need to add a little meaty goodness to the draft.

Part of the proposal request is reader testimonials. Since you guys are my readers, here is where I ask for your help. Only agree if you want to. You are in no way obligated, whatsoever. I'm thrilled to just have you here.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a letter saying what it is about my writing you like. Do I remind you of anyone? How do you relate to my stories? Is there a certain memory triggered by reading something I've written? Will you still love me in the morning? (trick question to make sure you are paying attention)

You can be short and quick like a comment or longer and more descriptive. I could use "nameless testimonials," pulled from my comments but I think it looks better to have "real people" attached to them. Please send testimonials to .

If you missed it, Friday's post was pretty damn funny. But, the comments were funnier. Thanks to all of you for cracking me up all weekend long.

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Tomorrow's tale, Mr. Lane is a big scardy cat who screams like a girl. Have a safe and happy Halloween!