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Saturday, March 12, 2005


While I've got this creeped out vibe thing going on, I think I'll share another story that always freaks me out.

A friend of mine invited me to go see a psychic. She was nervous about going by herself and since I've always been game for just about anything, she asked and I said yes. I thought I was just going to tagalong to keep her company but when we got there and met Mimi, things changed.

"Oh, my! You have such strong vibes coming off of you," she told me.
I smiled.
"You're a doubter aren't you?"
"Not entirely."
"Then you'll go first."
"Actually, I am here for a little moral support. Not for a reading."
"Please. I want to know more."
"About me?"
"Yes. There is just something I must know."

Totally doubting her way more than I had when I first walked in, I said, "I'm really not interested in the future. Life is what you make it. But thank you, really."
"I will do it for free. Please."

Her eyes were staring directly into mine. I tried with all of my might to out stare her. She didn't blink and neither did I. I have to admit, there was something in her eyes that drew me in.
"Free is my favorite number. Sure, let's go."

Mimi took me into her small parlor. The lights were low, candles burned and it smelled of incense. The room was filled with purple and black furnishings and had many symbolic paintings on the walls. All it was missing was a crystal ball.

We sat at a small table for two, she put a new cassette tape into her recorder, pushed the button, she reached for my hand, never taking her eyes off of mine.

"I don't know many people like you, Lois. You carry so many others with you in your every breath."
"Lois, I'm going to throw something out at you so you know this is real. Okay?"
"Hunter's Club Road."
"Haha. You know what I'm talking about?"
"I might."
"Okay. You don't have to say anything. But I want you to be aware."
"Yes, ma'am. I'm all about awareness."

When she said Hunter's Club Road, she was close. It was actually called Hunt Club Road. My sister in-law lived right off of that road. It was the road I always drove past, nearly getting lost going to her house. So I assumed Mimi was teasing me about getting lost while looking for Hunt Club Road. From that moment, I would be more aware.

The reading continued as she told me all about Mr. Lane and our relationship. All of which I viewed as common relationship stuff that anyone would know.

She picked up on my family and talked about my parents. She told me my father would one day need my help. I guess she was right about that too. In fact, I just realized, she was the one who said he will have something wrong with his chest and lungs. That something turned out to be cancer.

Wow. Did you see my train of thought just get thrown off track or what? I think there will be another post about Mimi and my dad after I review the recorded reading again.

Mimi talked about the people in my life like she knew them, or at least like she knew how they really made me feel. She talked about my job, she knew I hated it and knew something was better and waiting for me. That day I learned I would become a God Mother to my sister's son. The same sister who was supposed to be infertile, who later had a boy and a girl. I also doubted that part of the reading at the time.

She mentioned my other sister in-law, called her by her name, which is an uncommon name, but at the time, I'd already convinced myself my friend was in on some of this reading.

My friend's reading went really well. She was pleased with everything Mimi told her. She asked me what I thought of my first time getting a reading.

"I'll never get lost going to my sister in-law's again, that's for sure."
"Well, didn't she tell you anything cool?"
"Not really. She thinks Angie is going to have a couple of kids and let me be God Mother to one of them."
"Did you tell her you aren't a practicing Catholic anymore?"
"Nope. I thought she ought to know that herself."

When I arrived back home I let Mr. Lane listen to the tape. He was much more into it than I was.

"Lois. She didn't say 'be aware of Hunter's Club Road'. She said 'beware of Hunter's Club Road!'"
"Ooo, spooky! Okay, I'll beware of it and never have to hang out with your annoying ass sister again. Sounds great to me! Psychics rock!"

A month past and my sister in-law invited me to her house. By then everyone had heard all about the "Hunter's Club Road" warning.

"You know, I've been told by a professional that it is not in my best interest to come see you."
"Lois, stop being such a pansy ass. I'm bored and need company."
"Then drag your lazy ass out of your house and come see me."

I said that thinking, this girl never leaves home unless it's to go shopping at the Dollar Store.

"Okay! I'll come by this afternoon. Should I bring anything?"
"No. You don't need to bring anything. See you later."

A week later we had a similar conversation. I told her it wasn't safe for me to come see her but Mr. Lane happened to be home and said we could all go.

"Oh, joy!" (I only thought it.)

The Lanes loaded up in the family truckster and headed for Hunt Club Road. I looked around a lot more that day than I ever had before. It was mostly a quiet neighborhood with newer expensive homes. It was a neighborhood I had felt quite comfortable in. I, on many occasions, had gone fishing or taken a walk without ever looking around as much as I did that day.

I noticed two police cars parked alongside of a wooded area but I tried not to think much of it.

We stayed at my sister in-laws for a long time and I needed my fix of news. Because they didn't have internet, I had to turn to TV news. But because they have children who rule the roost, their TV is always tuned to Nickelodeon. I had to fight tooth and nail to change the channel but I won. I turned on NBC just in time to see the words "Hunt Club Road" flash at the bottom of the screen. And then they went to a commercial!

(This is the part where I should tell you to stay tuned for part two coming up tomorrow at noon but I'm not posting tomorrow so I'll give it all to you right here and now. What do you mean, get back to the story? I told you they went to a commercial break and if I had to wait, so do you. It's not like you can't scroll right by this italicized print and read ahead. I mean, how would I know if you did? I wouldn't! What the hell are you still doing here? Read on.)

How is it possible that news can be happening right on your doorstep and you not know? My sister in-law and her husband were unaware of any and everything around them and remain oblivious to this day.

The news came back and by then, the whole family had gathered around the tube.

"A local man let his dog out to play in the yard. The dog jumped over the backyard fence and went missing for some time."

At that point, all of us began laughing because we were truly freaked out about "Hunt Club Road" and all they were talking about was a missing dog. And then, under the picture of the newscaster, were the words, "Police Ask For Help Identifying Human Remains Found By Local Dog"

This tragedy was happening right in their neighborhood over a period of days. How in the hell could they not know?

When the dog finally returned home, he came back with a leg bone. A human leg bone. The police put a tracking device on the dog and sent him out, hoping he would lead them to the body, and he did. Officials gathered evidence and all the remains. An artist put a composite of the victim together made of clay to show more detail based on the bone structure.

They estimated the woman was murdered a week earlier. The same week I convinced my sister in-law to come visit me instead of me going there. They estimated her age to be the same as mine at the time. Her hair and eye color, were also the same as mine. Her estimated height and weight, were the same as mine too.

When the news camera caught the image of the sculpture, everyone in the room quickly turned and looked right at me. My chest grew tight and I didn't think I could breathe.

They say everybody has a twin somewhere in the world and maybe that's really who Mimi saw the day of my reading. It could have just been a case of mistaken identity. Psychics can have that. Right? Or maybe it was supposed to be me.