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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

...Naughty List Continued

I got a thing for the naughty ones. They keep things interesting around these parts. It seems a good portion of my naughtiest friends have a lot in common. Today's tribute is to them, sex, love and compassion. Who could ask for anything more?

For Boo I give Him. But this isn't the Him she is used to. This is the new and improved Him. He's a companion and friend who understands, who makes her laugh, who is there for her every beck and call. He's also ready to back the fuck off when she wants Him too. No one likes clingy. I also give her peace of mind so she isn't always waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Mona Buonanotte isn't a teacher in her real life, but in Blogland, she sure is. For her I am getting a how-to book deal. This is the kind of lady who throws it all out on the line. She is the first to tell a guy how to shareo El Joy De Orgasmo with the senoritas. And that right there is something to be shared. I'd also like to send her and Sergei on a world tour so they can get it on globally.

K, another sex kitten in the Land of Blog deserves multiple gifts. For her I give someone who can keep up. Someone who is ready for whatever adventure her mind conjures up. I offer her sex on the beach on every coastline as often as she wishes, and a longing to build up anticipation that only last as long as she wants it to.

What can you offer a guy who has openly admitted a blog crush upon one Lois Lane? That was just too cute. For Drafter I give peace and unconditional love in his relationship. There's no more wondering what her mind is thinking because you my friend are also getting a crystal ball. Every time you open your mouth from here on out, the right words will flow. She won't be able to resist your charm.

Where there's Drafter, there is Mercy Jones. I "met" one through the other. I don't remember who came first. (Drafter has a crush on both of us.) For this little vixen I offer peace of mind to keep her from being a worry wart. I give her someone who can handle all of her love and give it in return. I offer her a car and a house that are always in perfect condition and don't need payment. I give PP the ability to be her best under any and all conditions, just like her mommy.

The naughty list is longer than both of my arms folks. I think I'll pick up here tomorrow. Merry Christmas!