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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

My head is absolutely swimming. I have so much to tell you guys and have no idea where to begin. I have a mega post left over from my Christmas Gift Giving Bonanza, which I'll add to the bottom of Monday's post. Thanks for all of the e-mail and comments and concern. Sorry to worry anyone. I'm A-okay and never did get the whining man germs my old man was pouting about last week.

I was without internet for days again because Comcast sucks big hairy donkey balls.

Christmas was insane like everything else in my life. Thankfully, we all know who our babies' daddies is so we didn't have a very Maury Christmas. But I think it's fair to say we had a Jerry Springerish one all around.

My sister Mary is going in for a surgery consult Wednesday. The doctor said without surgery she could lose both of her legs. She has 95% blockage.

My 51-year-old neighbor, who was an overall healthy person, dropped dead a few days ago. Being out in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of brainless fucks, even our local coroner couldn't determine her cause of death. Now we wait for Springfield to send in its report. I feel bad for her daughters and her grandchildren, and of course her boyfriend. He came by our house again tonight, just to get out of their house. Wish there were more we could do for him.

My friend from Memphis moved to my hood a few days ago. She's great. I'll post about her another time.

I applied for a job I want less than the one I was offered a few weeks ago. Although it will provide lots of fodder for my story telling side, it really isn't what I want to do. Short of relocating, getting regular writing jobs in my neck of the woods just isn't happening enough to break even, which is one of the many reasons I am out there pounding the pavement.

I just found out this spring some of my stories will be published where I sent them months ago. Waiting has sucked and waiting some more, sucks even more. I promise to be happy when I get paid. Pinky swear even.

Barbara nominated me for a Bob award in the overall good blog category. Thank you, that was very sweet. While checking out the site, I noticed lots of my blog buddies also were nominated in many of the categories too. Good luck to all of you.

Mr. Lane is home every couple of days now, which is nice. Just having him here to drink coffee with makes my day a million times better. Remind me to tell you about my Christmas gift from him. Holy shit it's a funny story! And even though he can be a total whine ass baby when sick, he makes me laugh 'til my guts hurt. It's nice having him back home.

The kids also have been home and will be until the 4th of January. Santa was very good to them.

That's about all I got off of the top of my brain. I have some freelance things to work on before Comcast decides to fuck me over again. Please send good vibes for Mary.

Happy New Year!