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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Invisible Hands

Has anyone ever told you that you give great comment? Well, you do. Yesterday's comments were therapeutic in so many ways. I love how you all came out of your shells to share your thoughts, beliefs, wisdom and hopes. Each of you gave me a new way to look at the way I have been viewing things for most of my life. New perspectives for lifelong beliefs. Amazing. Thank you for that.

The little one is holding her own, but remains in the pediatric intensive care unit. If you want to contribute to her foundation, send me an e-mail and I'll give you that information. ( )

It's another birthday trifecta!

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My niece Lilo is 6 today.

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My Niece Elmira is 9.

And my brother, Jimmy, whom I have no recent picture of is 44. Sure, I could post some really horrid picture of him when he was a kid, but even I am not that mean.

Happy birthday guys!

Last week, I opened up the comments to your questions. I'm about halfway through so if you have something to ask, now's the time.

Debbiecakes wants to know what my middle name is. Since my other two names here in Blogland are fake, I guess I'll give you the real deal this time. It's Ann and how boring is that? Sorry Mom, but you really could have used a little help naming me. I know you were sure I was going to be a boy but having a girl name handy just in case, may have been a good idea.

Nancy wants to know why I didn't sing along with Vince on the Now What? song. Well, it's like this Nanc, you ever hear a cat who was howling because someone has stepped on its head? Okay, that sound, plus a little Kim Carnes, and that is how my voice sounds. So, Nancy, thank your lucky stars that I didn't sing along.

Mona Buonanotte wants to know if I have read any Ann Rule books. She also would like to know if I wrote like Ann while working on crime scene stories. The truth is, I have read Ann Rule. Every single book. And I have hated every one of them. Don't throw rocks people. It's just that this lady has access to some of the most horrific stories, yet her writing, in my humble opinion, is not so great. So to answer the other question, I hope I wrote nothing like her. (okay, you may throw rocks at me now)

Poopie wants to know how long it took me to teach my cat Chip how to turn off the light. It was an amazingly fast trick. He isn't bright by any means. If you recall from the story of Chip, he was deprived of oxygen for a few minutes early on in his life. It was quick because I taught him with food. No cat likes to eat as much as Chip.

I took a cat treat, balanced it on the light switch, picked him up so he could smell it, set him down, tapped on the wall above the switch and he jumped up and got his treat. The first few times the light didn't go off, so I grabbed the treat before he got to it and then set it back up there. I only let him eat the treat if the light went off. In less than 10 tries, he mastered the task.

Now, unfortunately, he thinks the lights dispense treats so the little fucker goes around shutting lights off all of the time.