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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jamie Dawn, Pirate and Marybeth Want To Know

In yesterday's ask Lois post, I only shared my first newspaper experience because it was my favorite. Maybe because it was my first. I learned as much as I possibly could and moved on to the next path of my career.

Home Fires went on to be published in ten other papers and I was signed on as a partner of a nearby newspaper. That was by far the most boring yet stressful newspaper job ever. I did very little writing compared to what I was used to, which made it that much worse. Being an office monkey and boss does not suit me at all. The few times I had to fire people, I always blamed it on my partners.

Jamie Dawn wants to know if I am good at math. In a word, no. She also wonders if I have traveled outside of the US, again, no. Well, yes, Mexico once but it was a quickie trip to buy a hooker and some drugs. No wait, that was Vegas. Um, yes, one time to Mexico but I was not a fan. I'm hoping my first trip overseas will take me to see my pal Michelle in Oz. She has a couch there with my name on it.

Jamie Dawn also wants to know if I have any phobias. Only one. My kids dying before me. I already told them that isn't allowed, but every time a young life is lost, that fear sweeps over me.

And finally food, Jamie Dawn wants to know what my favorite restaurant is. None of you would know it because it's a little place out here in the middle of nowhere. It's a steak pit run by two Greek brothers. The grill is in the center of the restaurant and the brothers are always there, usually arguing about something. They have high-back leather chairs that are comfy enough to sleep in, and after that one time when I tried a Long Island iced tea, I almost did.

Pirate wants to know if I like the top or bottom bunk. Truth is, I never got the chance to sleep on the bottom bunk. My sister Angie was afraid of heights so I got the top by default. I loved hanging upside down over the edge, making her think I was going to fall, just to scare her.

Marybeth wants to know how I like my coffee. I love my coffee more than I can express. And I take it like my men (as if I have an entourage of those layin' around haha!). Hot, sweet, tan, strong, smooth, satisfying and good enough to keep me up all night long.

You've got questions. We've got answers.