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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comment Craziness Contest

This weekend marks my two year blogging anniversary. Crazy huh? I never expected the blog to turn into what it has. I never expected to make such solid friendships with so many strangers around the world either. It’s funny to me how close I feel to so many people I’ve never met.

This version of Home Fires, commonly mistaken for Home Fries, was started as a way to practice writing, a literary exercise if you will. Home Fires began as a humor column in a newspaper, in Sycamore, Illinois. Editors there, everywhere to be honest, frown upon some choices of words that one of my personalities, Lois Lane, likes to use… often. Yes, the colorful words. So this sort of became the R rated version of my newspaper column. But once I was attached to the readers here, it’s become so much more.

Now, when I sit down to blog, sometimes with an idea, other times without, I begin writing a letter to my friends, the ones who live in my computer. That would be you guys. The words form freely. There is no threat or concern of what you may think about me, because I know real friends don’t judge. Here I have owned up to some really stupid shit. And you guys have never belittled me for doing so. That is one of the things that make great friendships, in my book.

To celebrate the second anniversary, we are going to have another contest. I can hear the collective excitement in your eyes as you read that. Comment Craziness can’t happen without you. If you have been reading Home Fires for two minutes, two days, or two years, you can play along. If you are a blood relative of mine, or someone who is having sex with one of my blood relatives, you are ineligible. Sorry Charlie. The comments will be hidden in moderation so no one can see anyone else’s answers. You have all weekend (deadline Sunday 11:59 p.m. CST), and may comment more than once, but not more than five times. Comments will be revealed Monday, as will our winner.

Make a laundry list of everything you know about Lois Lane & Company. Items not found on the blog that may have been discussed elsewhere i.e. in person, the telephone, e-mail, in chat rooms, IM or MySpace, etc. don’t count and points will be deducted. Sucking up is encouraged but bonus points will not be offered. You can earn bonus points for things you don’t but would like to know about me or my family. But, if you ask a question that has already been addressed in the last two years here at Home Fires, points will be deducted. Easy peasy Japaneasy, right?

I know you are thinking there are too many rules but when you find out what the grand prize is, you might just be glad you took the time to play. To all of the new visitors here, checkout my archives on the right sidebar under “Cold Ashes” and you will find more than you could ever want to know about one blogger. To all of you, thanks for being here with me on this rollercoaster ride that is my life. Have a great weekend and good luck!