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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Great Balls Of Fire

Or maybe the title today should have been, Great Galls Of Bladder, only that isn’t a song and doesn’t really make sense. But the reason for today’s post name is because my sister Anita is getting her gall bladder removed soon. She’s been feeling pretty lousy lately, and after loads of tests, her doctor determined that only about 8% of the dang thing is working. So please wish my big sis lots of luck and good vibes.

And now, to announce our big contest winner *drumroll* it’s a tie! Congratulations to Chris and Lynn! Both will receive an exciting gift, very soon, which I will announce once they have received it. Send your mailing addresses to, ladies.

Todd, Mark and Patricia have been in the winner’s circle before here at Home Fires, and let me tell you, they are pert-near celebrities ‘cuz of it. Who will win the next big contest? What will the next big contest entail? What will the prize be? Let’s ask Mr. Owl. Congratulations again to all of our winners!