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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Buried Alive

6 a.m. Friday, the alarm clock radio said, “No school today for most of the Midwest.”

Cheers echoed throughout our house. Lane 1 and Lane 2 were thrilled. The sound of their excitement made it difficult to not be happy for them. I’m not that old that I am unable to recall how exciting it was to get a free day off of school. I smiled at my two dorks as they bounced around my room happily.

I lay in bed wondering how bad it got after I’d gone to bed. The weatherman told me the night before as it was falling that we could get “almost a foot” of snow. I pulled the covers off and headed out of my room and saw this:

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The doors leading to the deck looked like something out of a Christmas movie. Only, where the hell are all the presents?

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Lane 1 opened the door and measured. “Holy crap! We got 18 inches, dude.”

I think the weatherman gets paid extra to lie.

Looking out to the backyard as I drank my coffee, this is what I saw:

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Can you see the tops of the trashcans? Imagine how much fun it was digging those suckers out.

Before asking if her friends could come over to enjoy the day off of school, Lane 2 thought she should butter me up by trying to clean off the car.

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It seems our driveway received three-foot snow drifts. Lane 2 finally gave up trying to dig the car out and asked if she could use the phone.

I threw some old carpet remnants down for all of the wet shoes and boots.

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This is what a snow day looks like from the inside.

Info about the trip that wasn’t, Bud Buckley being inside my head, contest and winner are all coming soon to a blog near you. Stay tuned.